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May 04, 2016
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Effective November 1, 2012



Applicants may sign the Indefinite and/or Short Call Out-of-Work lists anytime during the normal operating hours at the Local Union office.



All applicants registered on the Indefinite and/or Short Call Out-of-Work lists seeking employment shall report to the Local Union office to sign the Daily Availability list between 8:00 AM and 8:30 AM.  Dispatch will take place from 8:30 AM until complete.



Indefinite Calls Applicant will be allowed two turndowns and be rolled to the bottom of the Indefinite book for the third turndown.  Being unavailable for referral when work would have been offered to the registrant shall be considered a turndown. Rejection of an applicant by an employer shall not be a turndown. 

Short Calls Applicant will be allowed two turndowns and be rolled to the bottom of the Short Call book for the third turndown.  Re-registration after working a Short-Call may be done by phone provided it is done by 12:00 PM on the day following being laid off.   After working a Short Call and re-registering in a timely manner, applicant’s previous strikes will be erased from the Long Call Book for their current registration period.  Referrals from the Short Call Out-of-Work list will not affect the status of the applicant on the Indefinite Out-of-Work list.



Re-sign shall be required monthly beginning on the 10th and ending at 5:00 p.m. on the 16th of each month (all times are Pacific Time).  Re-sign can be accomplished by mail or fax (805-544-3762) on the re-sign form, or in person.  Re-signs must be received in the Local Union office during the re-sign period.  Early or late re-signs will not be accepted (NO EXCEPTIONS).  An online re-sign is being developed.  Please check our web site for details.


While on the Out-of-Work list, an applicant will be allowed two (2) weeks vacation, in one (1) week increments in any unemployment period.  Applicant will not be charged with strikes, and will be ineligible for dispatch during that period.  Applicant must register with the Local Union office in advance to qualify for exclusion of strikes.


No audio or video or other recording of any sort is allowed in the Local 639 Hall or Training Center without the express permission of the Business Manager.  This includes dispatches, meetings, trainings, and any and all other events.


Information regarding job calls for the following work day may be obtained by checking:

(805) 543-5693, option 41 after 6:00 PM or on the JOB CALLS page at

 Book 2 is posted on the Job Call page of the web site when dispatch is completed.  You may check here only for your place on the book and the status of the dispatch.

Local Union 639         - A Code of Excellence Local

Oct 13, 2011

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Feb 21, 2013

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